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High returns through lower operating costs and increased service life of your installations

Increased service life of dishwashers, washing machines, boilers and co
Reduction of cleaning agents - saves money and protects the environment
Faucets and shower walls that have been beautiful for longer
Saves time and cleaning effort
Ongoing operating costs from Aquavital

Neutralizes the lime – protects the environment

The “lime magnet with mega spin” has been on the market for 20 years and is exported to over 40 countries. Over 100,000 satisfied customers, including many well-known personalities such as Roland Düringer, Tobias Moretti, Thomas Sykora, Marc Giradelli and Leo Hillinger, appreciate Aquavital.

Projects such as the large ski hall in Dubai or the complete equipment for the Sultan of Oman caused a stir. “But just as important to me as these top international examples is their use in as many households as possible in our region,” says Managing Director Leo Schriefl.

“For many years, Aquavital has been helping to preserve our great water quality on the one hand and to enable a simple, chemical-free and cost-effective way of water treatment on the other. The lime magnet improves the water quality and – by saving on harsh cleaning agents – protects the environment and the wallet.

“Water is the new gold. If you think about the fact that around 770 million people worldwide have no access to pure water, we can count ourselves lucky and we have to try to protect what is valuable, ”said Schriefl.

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** The values given are estimates that can vary greatly depending on water hardness, living conditions, age of the house and other factors. The assumptions are based on experience over the past few years.