Leo Schriefl
Managing Director of Aquatec and father of two boys

After having been employed for 10 years in the field of chemical water treatment, I paid much attention to alternative methods of water treatment when building my own house. For one thing, in a limescale-ridden location such as Fohnsdorf, measures need to be taken against these effects, but at the same time I didn’t want to have to resort to chemical or electrical water treatment because of my two children. So I turned to and developed an idea which is over 100 years old, in other words magnetic water treatment. This is how AQUA®vital – the limescale magnet with megaspin came into being. Hard limescale deposits, toilet rings and heavy-duty cleaning are now things of the past. The knowledge that our children are growing up using naturally vital water and that we no longer need to use environmentally damaging chemicals in our household, provide me and my wife with the certainty that we are doing the right thing.

Dr. Bachtik Manfred
Chief of the unit for complementary medicine of the chamber of medical professions in Lower Austria

The permanent magnet Aquavital is designed for water treatment and decalcification of water. The perfected technique of AQUA®vital causes a compilation of limescale into aragonit an abatement of the ph-scale of water and a diminishment of the surface tension. The effects are physically proven and cause a change of taste for sensitive persons as well as a “smooth feeling” of water. These phenomenons are describes as “vitalization” by the company Aquatec. A change of information of water and an eventual negative influence of the human organism is not intended and can be excluded.

Toni Mathis
Therapy Centre, Düns/Vorarlberg

Water is the most important food for man and animal. Activated water from AQUA®vital is the best water you can get. Pipes are no longer full of limestone water from the tap again, for it really refreshens you. Thank you, AQUA®vital, for your continued efforts to provide the best water quality.

Marc Girardelli, popular skier

Yes it is true, that I am a long-time client of Aquavital. Already in my ski-center in Bottrop (www.alpincenter.com) I used the system to condition the water for better perfomance of snowmaking etc. In my new house in Switzerland, we have here quite lot of lime in the water. And the results are very good. I hope, you will have the same good feeling after installing the magnets.

More satisfied customers:

– Dominator Yachten
– AT&S und HTP, Fohnsdorf
– municipality Leoben
– magistrate Klagenfurt
– residential building cooperatives
– hospitals and residential care homes for elderly

– McDonald’s, Knfd./Dt.-Wagram
– Hilcona, Liechtenstein
– VIVARIUM, Was(s)ererlebnispark
– Andreas Meklau, SBK-driver

– Dr. Stöß, immunologist
– Heinz Kinigartner, motocross
– Marc Giradelli, skier
– Conny Dorn, ice hockey player
– Roland Linz, national player
– Hermann Stessl, kicker