Der AQUA®vital Kalkmagnet ist denkbar einfach zu montieren.

You have the option of placing it on the main line before or after the water meter. Determine the suitable location for the installation of the AQUA® vital  Lime magnets. Remove coarse dirt or rust from the pipeline. Pull out the locking slide and place the device (in the direction of the arrow) over the main line. Note that the AQUA® vital  Lime magnet lies tightly on the cable. Then push the locking slide back in and tighten the locking screws by hand.


Due to the attraction of the permanent magnets, iron particles that are in the water are attracted inside the pipeline.
That’s why the AQUA® vital  Take the lime magnet off the pipeline for 24 hours at least twice a year (every six months) so that these particles can be washed away.

Save the maintenance with the AQUA®vital app in your calendar so you don’t forget! Here you can get the app for free!

Please note

The lime remains in the water, so hardness tests before and after installation lead to the same result. Reduce the amount of washing-up liquid and detergent. Due to the lower surface tension of the water, you only need the quantities that are recommended for softer water. After installation, the water may briefly discolour slightly reddish brown. Don’t worry, this is one of the many signs that the AQUA® vital  Confirm lime magnets.

  • The function of  AQUA® vital  is only guaranteed if the installation instructions are strictly observed.
  • The respective pipe dimensions must match the device dimensions.
  • With well supply to AQUA® vital Device a distance of 20 cm to the pump must be maintained. (Also with swimming pool pumps!)